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  •     Neither Terre Dorate nor Tavelle del Veneto are harmful for the health.

They both have the Enea Certification, (National Institute of Ionizing Radiation Metrology), certifying they are not radioactive, therefore they are ideal for green building.

On request this Certification can be supplied.

  • Terre Dorate and Tavelle del Veneto are good heat conductors: therefore, they are energy efficient.

Remarks on green building:

  • All natural materials are good in green building.
  • Nonetheless, some of them, when tested, show some radioactivity!
  • Sometimes, many materials are certified as "ecological" without proof:
  • If they have been through specific tests.
  • If the results, compared with the directives, really demostrate they are not harmful.
  • Sometimes, certification refers to various tests, but do not give the real information!


ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute)  and  ANAB do not issue certification regarding radioactivity  of finished products.

Tests are run only on the individual minerals before the manufacturing process.

Radioactivity tests  to verify the suitability of the products should be done after the manufacturing process!

We want to make this clear because we see that some flooring is certified as green (such as: stone veneer - stoneware

- single-fired ceramic - etc) when actually it is not!

It is possible to live in an authentic ecological house, made with mud and straw!